We offer potential partners to join an affiliate program that allows you to make a profitable customer acquisition.

1. Be our cashier

Your rights and opportunities:

• You get profit from the players

• You become our representative in the region

• You will be the owner of a dealer account

• Your cashdesk will be listed on our website 

• You will serve both new and existing customers 

Email us: or call +44 20 3318 9490 / +7 499 703 17 66, we will answer all your questions, educate and help to implement. 

2. Prepaid Cards

This affiliate program gives you the opportunity to order prepaid cards with your logo, as well as with joint logos for the purpose of mutual advertising. 

You can profitably purchase them and sell them at the prices you set.

 3. Affiliate


The Affiliate program is designed for owners of websites, blogs, subscriptions and pages on a social network where you can profit from real customers (not views, but real subscribers and players). 

4. Create your own website 

If you want to create your own betting site, we provide technical and legal support, from the creation of the platform to obtaining a license. 

For applications for any type of affiliate program, please contact by email or call +44 20 3318 9490 / +7 499 703 17 66.